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1.Terms & Conditions

Eventspace is a mobile driven application developed to enhance the conference experience for attendees, Summits, Events, Conferences and Schedules. By using Eventspace you agree to the following terms and conditions. A copy of these terms and conditions will be emailed to you and will serve as proof of you having agreed to it. Should these terms and conditions change, you will be notified by email and required to enter into a new agreement.

2.Licence of Eventspace

2.1 By signing up to Eventspace you are subscribing to a licence to use Eventspace. The source codes, logos, text, menus, lists and all other aspects of the platform that constitutes Eventspace as a software application is the exclusive and sole property of Eventspace. The copying and/or unauthorised use of any such materials are strictly prohibited, and Eventspace reserves the right to institute any appropriate action in such instances. Eventspace may use third party software, which is similarly protected. All Eventspace designs, marks, logos, texts, examples of documents and so forth are subject to copyright and trademark law. The unauthorized use thereof is strictly prohibited.

2.2 As with any other application, you are still responsible for the cost of internet access and data used on your cellular phone or any network that you connect to when accessing Eventspace.If Eventspace is used as a tool for presentations or publication in journals, Eventspace should be credited as the system that made such presentation or publication possible or easier. Permission will then be granted for the use of the Eventspace logo on such presentations or publications.The copyright and other intellectual property rights in the information you store on Eventspace remain yours.

3.Law and ethics

The legal and ethical rules that apply to hard-copy records, or electronic records stored by other means, apply to all information stored on Eventspace.It is your duty to ensure that all legal and ethical duties are adhered to. You decide what information is to be uploaded on Eventspace. The failure to upload specific information, or any errors in uploading , or any errors in recording information is your responsibility. Note that where images are concerned, provisions of the Films and Publications Act may apply.


4.1 Eventspace will not enter the individual accounts or the information stored in Eventspace at all.It is your responsibility to keep your log-on details safe.Eventspace cannot be held responsible for you sharing these with third parties and confidentiality is subsequently violated.If you use the information stored on Eventspace for presentations, academic discussions and the like, please note that you have to adhere to the same requirements as with hard-copy records.

4.2 Most mobile devices allow content to be printed, email or posted (e.g. on social networking sites) with ease. This in itself poses a risk to the confidentiality of the information, but is solely to responsibility of the operator of the mobile device and user of Eventspace. Eventspace takes no responsibility whatsoever for any user errors such as these.

5. Data security, changes and updates

5.1 Eventspace has taken care in ensuring that all data is stored in a secure manner. But as with all electronic media, no absolute guarantee can be made in relation to Eventspace being safe from all hacking,free from crashing or other system errors,etc. Crashes can be reported

5.2 Eventspace is a cloud storage system. Eventspace is currently hosted through a 3rd party service provider and thus all the data is stored on their data centres. Please refer to "termination" below for more information on what would happen with your information should you terminate this agreement. Eventspace may at any stage, without prior notice, change Eventspace, its layout, categories and the likes and may make any upgrade, change or modify the platform, service, software or any aspect of Eventspace as it may require from time to time.


You use Eventspace at our own discretion and risk. Eventspace takes no responsibility for any failure, risk, harm, loss, damage or any consequence or implication relating to the use, abuse or misuse of Eventspace whatsoever.You hereby indemnify Eventspace from any complaint, claim, loss, damage or liability (including legal costs on an attorney and own client basis) for or in relation to any claims arising from the allegedly unethical, negligent act or omission of Eventspace and/or any allegation that Eventspace operates in- or facilitates contravention of the ethical- or applicable legal rules.

7. Termination of agreement

You may terminate your license of the use of Eventspace at any stage by providing us with written notice to that effect.It is your responsibility to download all your information on Eventspace prior to terminating the agreement, but Eventspace may, on your request, provide you with an offline copy of the information you stored on Eventspace.Eventspace will delete all information of persons who have terminated the agreement with Eventspace.Eventspace will be not be responsible or liable for the any possible consequence of any termination or the subsequent deletion of information stored on Eventspace.

8.Reservation of rights

Eventspace reserves the right to: Discontinue Eventspace as an application at any stage without prior notice. Terminate the licence of any user at any stage without notice, should such user violate any of the terms and conditions contained herein. Take any action reasonably required in order to ensure compliance, or enhanced compliance, with legislation and ethics, and/or to ensure data or platform integrity.