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Your event registration and attendance portal

Get all event information to your attendee pre-event, on-event and post-event

How does it work?

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See who is attending ahead of your event

Get a 360 degree view of attendees whom received their invite, opened their invite and registered for the event

Send event invitations

Send email event invitations to your list of attendees

Registration field builder

Add custom registration fields to get additional information you require from attendees immediately

Attendees can update their registrations

Allow attendees to update their responses after registration

Full theming options

Personalize your event with total control on the look and feel

Give instant access to important event information

Give attendees instant access to speakers, sessions, venue, downloads, content and more

Manage your registration in one place

Attendees can manage registrations for multiple events in one place

On-event attendee profiles(optional)

Attendees can update and publish optional information to fellow delegates.

Review and rate sessions and speakers

Attendees can rate sessions and speakers for after event analysis

Surveys and Questionnaires

Self-configurable event surveys and feedback forms

Build your personal agenda ahead of the event

Allow attendees to select which session they would like to attend

Access to event content

Attendees can access all published event content after the event

On-event support services available in South Africa
For more information send us an email at events@eventspace.net

Our Packages



Free includes
Limited to less than 100 attendees
Full functionality of all features
Free email invitations
Own themes
Build own registration fields
Build surveys and questionnaires
Note: Limitations apply to number of emails sent and number of attendee web sessions



Plus includes
Includes all features and no restrictions or limitations


On request

Enterprise includes
API integration
Blanket pricing plan